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What are Singapore's driving and passenger laws?


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Do pregnant women need to wear seatbelts? In Singapore, pregnant women need to wear seat belts, which consists of the strap across the body, and the strap across the stomach. In the third trimester, pregnant women can tuck the strap meant to be across the stomach under it instead for comfort and safety. If you would prefer not to wear a seatbelt in the car, you will have to submit a medical certificate to the Traffic Police and a medical board would look into your case to decide on whether you will be granted permission to not wear the seatbelt. Getting exempted from wearing a seatbelt might be a lengthy process. You may like to simply wear the seat belt, as it does help to protect your baby and you from potential danger. Should my baby be in a carseat? From 1st January 2012, children above the height of 1.35 metres need to wear a seatbelt, and children below that height are also not exempt, and need to be secured with an appropriate restraint for their size. Restraints in a moving vehicle are supposed to protect your children, as a protective measure against potential accidents. If you are thinking of renting a car to move around in Singapore, you will have to rent a car seat for your baby. Do not worry if you are uncertain of how to use it. Your car seat will come with an instruction manual that will teach you how to put the car seat securely in your rented car. If you are taking a taxi, then your baby need not be in a car seat, though you should certainly have your seatbelt on, and hold your baby securely. You should also try to sit in the back to minimise danger in the unlikely event of an accident.