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What Our Customers Say

My son had high level of jaundice and I didn’t want to leave him alone at the hospital. Your product made it possible for us to bring him back while treating him at the comfort of our home. The technician was extremely patient and explained the procedure in detail. I had a great experience overall. Thank you.


Explanation provided was very clear and instruction easy to follow. Technician very helpful/friendly. Hotline (6562 6015) no waiting, very fast/efficient. Overall a good experience.


When the equipment was delivered, the technician was patient and friendly. He was helpful to explain how to administer the treatment to the baby. His positive attitude had made me, the depressing mother, encouraged and hopeful about the benefits of the phototherapy.


Thank you for the prompt delivery. From the point of booking the machine up to arranging for delivery, it was a quick and simple process. Thank you to the delivery man for being so detailed in his explanation.


Service was excellent and equipment was top-notch. Brought down my son’s jaundice level significantly.


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