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About The Baby Specialist

The Baby Specialist’s aims are the same as yours.

We want the birth of your child to be a smooth, rich experience for your family, and we understand that much of the process can sometimes be taxing – physically, mentally and economically.

The Baby Specialist has been renting out hospital-grade baby care equipment like breast pumps and phototherapy beds since 2004, bringing convenience, quality care, and cost savings to parents in Singapore. We have since expanded our portfolio to include a variety of products not only for rent, but also for purchase, to better serve all of your needs.

In addition to products, The Baby Specialist has put together a library of specially written articles to help answer any questions that you may have about your new role as a mum. We hope that these resources will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to care for your baby:

  • If you are an expecting mum waiting anxiously for your baby to arrive, and looking for solutions to help you cope with caring for your newborn baby
  • If you are a new mum struggling to figure out breastfeeding or coming to terms with news that your baby has to be treated for Jaundice
  • If you are excited to take your baby home after days or weeks in the NICU, but feeling anxious and unprepared to provide special care for your baby
  • If you are planning a holiday to Singapore with your little one, and stressed about having to pay a fortune in excess baggage for all the baby equipment you want to take with you

We just might have the solutions for you!

Our stable of high-quality hospital-grade and everyday products can help meet your baby needs, whenever these needs come up. With top brands available for rent and purchase– brands used by doctors in trusted medical establishments across Singapore – The Baby Specialist gives you the peace of mind when you need it.