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Is Singapore stroller-friendly?


babyadmin |

Stroller-friendly public transport Public transport in Singapore is friendly to strollers. If you take a taxi, the taxi drivers here will probably get down and help you with the stroller and have it stowed away in the boot compartment for you. When you get off the taxi, they will also help you retrieve your stroller as you set it up again. If you are moving around using the train system, or the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), you will still be fine using a stroller. This is because there is at least one elevator in every train station so that you don’t have to struggle with escalators or staircases. The door of the train is also level with the platform, with a small gap, and so you can push your stroller in quite easily. Furthermore, there is at least one wide fare gate at the entrance to the platform in each station, so that you can push your stroller through into each station with no problem. If you would like to bring your stroller to Singapore as you are more familiar with it and so is your baby, you can. There is of course also the option of renting a stroller in Singapore. In fact, you can get it rented right here from The Baby Specialist, and it will be delivered right to your hotel. Stroller-friendly venues You need not worry about bringing your baby around to places you would like to visit. Many places in Singapore have been made friendly for wheelchair and stroller access in recent years, especially in tourist attractions. One of the most stroller-friendly tourist attractions is the Singapore Zoo. It helps that there is a lot to see, and your baby will be well-entertained in his or her stroller. In the Singapore zoo, the animals are not caged up. Rather, they have fairly large spaces made like the animals' real habitats, where they are free to roam. The Singapore zoo opens from 9am to 6pm daily. If you want to head indoors and do a little shopping or have a meal in air-conditioned comfort, the Paragon mall is a good place to go. Situated on Orchard Road, its fifth floor is dedicated to babies and toddlers. There are shops selling clothes and other goods for your children. Best of all, there are coin-operated rides and even a mini indoor playground that toddlers from 1.5 years old can play in. Of course, you can venture out of Paragon onto the rest of Orchard Road. All the malls along this stretch of shopping paradise have elevators for you to push your strollers into to access every floor. Best of all, Orchard Road itself has very wide and well-paved walkways sheltered by tall trees, so you can push your stroller along comfortably, and with some shade given by the trees.