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What are the child-friendly attractions in Singapore?


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Top 3 child-friendly tourist attractions Sentosa island is a big tourist destination. It is, as the name suggests, on an island of its own, but takes only about half an hour to get to from the city centre by train, monorail, cable car, taxi or even by bus. The cable car is a particularly fun option as it gives you fabulous views of Singapore. On the island, you can take your children to the Underwater World where you can see all types of fishes in the vast aquarium above your head, affording you rare glimpses of the underside of stingrays and other interesting fishes. Your children can also play with pink dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon at the Underwater World. Another option is of course Universal Studios. If the outdoors is where you want to be, you can take your children to Palawan Beach, where there is a waterplay area with sand that is good for sand-castle building. There is even a supension bridge that you can bring your older children to for a walk. Best of all, there are plenty of eateries nearby. Facilities for cleaning up are also available right on the beach.   Jurong Bird Park houses 8000 birds from 600 species in a 20.2-hectare space. Within the Bird Park are many things to see and do. There are the Bird Discovery Centre, the Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, the African Waterfall Aviary and others. Your children will be filled with wonder at the number of beautiful birds they will see flying and resting freely in the Park. There are also shows that both the young and old can enjoy. For instance, there is the Birds and Buddies show. Highlights include the Greater Flamingos who saunter onstage, and dramatic fly-bys by beautiful birds like the Great Pied Hornbill and Toco Toucans. Aside from the shows, you can also have lunch with the parrots, where a spread of Asian cuisine is accompanied by a performance with chatty parrots.   The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a 64-hectare park with lakes, trees and flowers. If you are interested in orchids, you would be pleased to know that there is a special garden where there are over 1000 species of orchids. The best thing about the Singapore Botanic Gardens is that it is free, and the whole park has wide paved roads.  If you have a Baby Jogger with you, you can take your baby for a walk or even a light jog, and both you and your baby can enjoy the fresh air and greenery in this stroller-friendly park. There is also the Jacob Ballas Garden for children, which is Asia's first children's garden. It aims to cultivate young children's appreciaton for plants and the environment through interactive activities that will keep your children engaged. The main Gardens open from 5am to 12 midnight daily, whereas the Jacob Ballas Garden is open from 8am to 6pm.