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What can I do if I have leaking nipples?


babyadmin |

Colustrum is something your body naturally produces in your third trimester of pregnancy, and is absolutely no cause for worry. Signs of colustrum If your breasts are leaking a yellowish fluid, your body is producing something called colustrum. As early as 12 to 14 weeks into the pregnancy, your breasts may start to leak a thick, sticky, yellow liquid. This is colustrum. As your delivery date draws nearer, the colustrum you produce will become lighter in consistency and colour. Causes of colustrum Colustrum is evidence that your body is preparing to produce breast milk for when your baby is born. It is definitely a good sign. Risks of colustrum There are absolutely no risks to colustrum. In fact, colustrum is good for your newborn baby. Compared to mature breast milk, it contains more protein, but less fat and sugar, making it easier for your newborn baby to digest in the first few days. It is also full of minerals and immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins are antibodies, which will help your baby have a stronger immune system. It is the best vaccination your baby could receive. Steps to minimize colustrum There is no reason to minimize colustrum, but it can be inconvenient to have your breasts leaking onto your clothes as you go about your daily life. What you can do is to put disposable breast pads, or nursing pads, into your bra. These will absorb the colustrum and prevent unwanted and uncomfortable leaks.