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My baby has facial spots. What should I do?


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When you first meet your newborn, you might be surprised to see that their skin is not as smooth and clear as you thought it would be. Their skin may be spotty, there may be some birthmarks and you may even spot some bumps on their face. This is all very normal, as the skin of a newborn will go through many changes. Most spots and blemishes that you see are likely benign and some will even fade with age. Signs of milia One of the more common types of facial spots seen on newborns is milia. Milia are tiny pearly-white bumps that are seen on the skin of newborns. They typically cluster around the nose, cheeks and chin. Sometimes they can even be found on the gums or the roof of the mouth. Almost 1 in 2 babies are born with milia. Causes of milia Milia is common in newborns because their oil glands on the face are still immature. The tiny bumps are a result of dead skin getting trapped at the skin surface. Hormones from the mother can also play a part in causing the spots. Risks of milia Milia is completely benign and will go away within 4 to 6 weeks. Dealing with milia There is nothing to be done for milia as the issue will resolve itself as your baby’s skin changes. Continue to keep your baby’s face clean by gently washing it with warm water and patting it dry. Do not apply any lotions or creams, and do not attempt to squeeze the bumps.